Company achievements

Carussel’s story started in 2003 and throughout the years we reached tremendous successes by always focusing on our main goal: to provide the best service and the highest quality of work for our customers.

CARUSSEL history


Launched national websites for Opel in 19 countries


Started the specification of the Dealer Web Toolkit


Launched the Dealer Web Toolkit in France for 237 car dealers


Carussel signed a contract with Stellantis


Carussel operates 4000+ websites in 50+ countries




Chevrolet and Saab on board in 10+ countries


Launched the Dealer Web Toolkit in Serbia and Greece


Carussel operates 1000+ dealer websites in 30+ countries


Peugeot, Citroen and DS rollout in 35+ countries


Launched 45+ SsangYong and Isuzu dealer websites

carussel world map

2 countries
5 brands

North America
51 dealers
1 brand

1 country
2 brands

184 dealers
3 brands

3272 dealers
7 brands

South America
1 country
1 brand

Agency life

We are very proud of our exemplary team cohesion which is why we can focus on serving and supporting our customers as one.

FUN at work

We strengthen our team cohesion with monthly company breakfasts when we either bring homemade specialties or order culinary delicacies from the local shop.

We also have quarterly DIY sessions where we let our creativity soar and make handmade crafts.

On our yearly sports day, we try different kinds of sports because as the saying goes: a sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

We usually organize random after-work get togethers too as we really like spending time with each other.


Carussel joined a program called 'Adopt a kindergarten' so we adopted the Rainbow Kindergarten in Nyíradony. This institution is attended by children most of whom are cumulatively disadvantaged with unimaginable family and emotional backgrounds. Despite their humble circumstances, the caregivers strive to ensure the healthy physical and mental development of the children and prepare them for school. Whenever we can, we deliver a collection of toys we gather for the children.

Our CEO started a non-profit organization called Meggyes Tanoda. The organization aims to help the children in their school education and to support developing their competencies in the South Békés region of Hungary. A handful of Carussel employees volunteered to visit the children. Learning, playing, and spending quality time together helped the kids unleash their talents.

We have a cooperation with Budapest Bike Maffia, a non-profit organization whose goal is to help homeless people, needy families, and social institutions. In collaboration with them, we already picked apples and made sandwiches, which the Budapest Bike Maffia delivered to the people in need.

employees first

We believe that some of the most important ingredients to make a company an exceptional workplace are great management, talented and loyal employees, clear expectations, and a common goal. And what is the secret to achieving these? The answer is definitely: communication.

WE ARE there for you

These all start at the recruitment process when we try to find not just the greatest professionals but the best team players and our future friends. We also allow for self-development and the opportunity for progress at Carussel.

At our annual Professional Career Conversations, employees have the possibility to express their feelings, goals, talk about the positive and negative aspects of their position.

We also have weekly team meetings, quarterly all-staff meetings, and regular one-to-one talks. Or we just knock on the door of our team lead anytime because feedbacks and ideas are always welcome. Both ways.

We pay attention to talent and if another department catches their eye we try to find the best solution for them. We also have in-house trainings and refreshment sessions.

We pay attention to details, like ergonomics. Our office is bright, colorful, and sunny but there is the possibility to work from home as much as one may wish. Sooner rather than later everyone will feel the need to come to the office to meet the others.

We trust each other and we believe in our colleagues’ time management skills so everyone can set up their own schedule. We do not believe in micromanagement, but if someone needs support, we are there for them.