Live Chat Services

05-05-1  Tool and operator service

05-05-1  Available on Carussel’s dealer websites

05-05-1  Focusing on lead generation and brand building

05-05-1  Continuous reporting on performance

Tool and operator service

Not only can dealers include a chat window on their website, you can order an operator service as well.
In this way the dealership is able to provide professional answers to any queries received, as the operators are:

  • Trained to provide automotive specific information
  • Familiar with the dealer’s website and own content (e.g. own promotions, stock/used cars)
  • Professional communicators in multiple European languages

*Service is available for a minimum of twenty dealers per language.

Lead generation and active leads

“Active lead” refers to a query where a potential customer indicates their personal contact details. The dealership receives this information immediately, directly from the operator.

  • Operators are efficient. They can see the visitor’s interest and offer promotions accordingly.
  • Leads are sent to the dealer immediately, so the salesperson can react promptly.


Brand building provides a positive impression

Just as with communication in person: first impressions are often crucial to the success or failure of a relationship. “Positive impression” refers to requests where the chat operator answers any questions, but no contact details are requested from the visitor. These potential customers get a good first impression of the dealership due to the experience and helpfulness of the staff. They are satisfied with the service received, and thus are more likely to become return visitors or even active leads.

  • Satisfied customers
  • Positive brand experience
  • Positive impression of the dealership

Dealers are able to view and measure the performance of a campaign through regular, accurate reporting. The dealership receives a detailed monthly report, which among other data contains the following:

  • Visit numbers
  • Chat numbers
  • Active conversations and lead numbers

In case the dealership receives a chat operator service, setup is free of charge
The pilot month is free of charge
*Service is available for a minimum of twenty dealers per language.